January 25, 2022

Space and Place

At Powerhouse Architectural Design Studio in Tauranga, we are great believers in turning spaces into places that are meaningful and productive in the ways that are important to you. Not all buildings are created equally and everyone has a story about a place they have been that made them feel relaxed, and perhaps a story about a place they have lived or worked that left them feeling drained.

What’s Happening Here?

When you are looking at engaging with an architect it is important to be able to relay the kind of feeling you are looking to experience in your new space and to identify the activity that will take place inside the rooms you are building. For instance, for a commercial architectural design, you may opt for large open spaces with smaller alcoves built-in, where you feel like you have a lot of ‘headspace’ but can find spots to really dig in and focus when it’s necessary. The Powerhouse Architectural team is here to help you pinpoint what you want to achieve in your new space and to help you identify the ways in which that may be possible.

Light And Sound

When it comes to designing a commercial space Powerhouse Architectural knows there are a few great ways to create a particular mood, and lighting and acoustics are fairly major factors in nailing your aesthetic and productivity goals. For example, the lighting for a schoolroom or creative studio space would be better gained from natural sunlight. Studies have shown that access to natural light can lift your mood, relax your body, and allow you to learn and produce more easily. If you can open your space up to regular natural light - and baffle sounds coming from outside with double glazing - your architect can create a space where people will be happy to spend large swathes of time seated and concentrating.

Dimming It Down

If you think about how the opposite approach might work it’s easy to understand how architectural design is such an important part of garnering the response you want from the people who are utilising your commercial space - both clients and your valued team members. Our Tauranga architects would take a ‘dim’ approach to design a room that was to be used to provide massage treatments. Here a smaller space, low lighting, and extreme baffling would be necessary in order to create a space where customers could almost attain a sleep state, and team members would naturally feel relaxed and move quietly.

It’s possible to achieve really targeted productivity with smart architectural design. Get in touch with Powerhouse Architectural in Tauranga today to discuss the best approach to achieveing your goals within your commercial space.