November 11, 2021

Many new house builders in Tauranga construct homes that are designed for the summer months, with plenty of sunlight and indoor-outdoor flow. Unfortunately, far fewer can stand up to the cold and draughty conditions that our winters can bring. The benefit of getting in touch with a design architecture firm in winter is that handling the cold weather will be a bigger priority. Here are some of the ways that we design houses with winter in mind.

Better heating

We’re far enough into the year now to recognise that winter is cold and a single heat pump might not be cutting the mustard. If you are going to the trouble of working with an architect to build a new home or renovate your old one, it’s worth investing in good heating systems. Consider:

• Central heating. A one-off investment you’ll be glad you splashed out on; central heating keeps the entire house comfortable at the click of a button.

• Multiple heat pumps. Energy-efficient heat pumps strategically placed in two, or more, rooms can keep the whole house toasty.

• A variety of heating options. A fireplace in the living spaces can be complemented by a heat pump in the hallway so that your bedrooms stay warm at night.

Efficient windows

Good quality aluminium joinery paired with double-glazed windows is the cream of the crop when it comes to keeping cold air out. Our Tauranga architects can suggest ways to improve your existing windows during a renovation or design a new house that will include energy-efficient windows that keep the house warm.

Living spaces you’ll love

The interior décor and architectural design of you’re living spaces are also important to contributing to a feeling of warmth and cosiness over the winter months. Our architects are experts at using techniques like texture and colour, lighting and flooring that will make you love your home as much in winter as you do in summer.

Passive design architecture

Now here’s a topic that really gets our architects excited: passive design. This is architectural design that works with, not against, nature using principles like house orientation and window design, insulation and thermal mass to design a home that is naturally comfortable and has good air quality year-round. These houses are healthier, more sustainable and slash the power bill dramatically.

To design a house that works just as well in Tauranga’s winters as it does in summer, talk to the architects at Powerhouse Architectural today.