October 21, 2021

At Powerhouse Architectural, sustainability is at the core of our design work. It’s 2021: we believe that modern design needs to incorporate the traditional principals of architecture – functionality and aesthetics – while also being environmentally-friendly. Here are six techniques that our architectural designers use to incorporate sustainability in our design.

Passive sustainable design

Passive strategies make the most of the natural environment around us, which helps limit a building’s carbon footprint. In our design architecture, we consider things like the sun’s orientation and Tauranga’s prevailing wind patterns and use it to determine where to build, what size windows to use, and how to maximise natural ventilation. Passive sustainable design lets us work with nature to create more energy efficient homes and workspaces.  

Active sustainable design

Active design involves other professionals working alongside design architects to achieve more energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. This could include electrical engineers, plumbers, property developers and builders all with the common goal of improving sustainability.

Connections to nature

Incorporating living elements like green walls or roofs into your home or commercial building has many benefits, both to the planet and those inside. Internal connections to natur cleanse the air, improve health and promote relaxation.

Sustainable materials and supply chains

It’s important to work with manufacturers and suppliers of building materials who are committed to better environmental practices. We believe in using high quality, energy-efficient and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Water conservation

There are many ways architects can design homes that conserve water. From rainwater harvesting to greywater recycling, energy efficient appliances to water-saving showerheads, water conservation is a priority in our design.

An eye for innovation

Every day, architects around the globe are finding new and better ways to design spaces that save energy, use recyclable materials and limit waste. We are always keeping up to date on the latest innovations in the world of sustainable design architecture.

The architects at Powerhouse Architectural Tauranga want to contribute to Tauranga’s landscape without damaging the planet. For sustainable design, get in touch today.