June 3, 2021

If you’re at the start of an architecture project, your mind is probably buzzing with ideas. Flashes of colour, textures and house layouts are constantly popping into your head. It’s a great idea to share your design visions with your architect at the outset, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Here are some useful tips to get on the same page as your Tauranga architectural designer from the start.

Pictures say a thousand words

If you’re having trouble putting what you want into word, don’t worry. After all, this is design architecture – we’re visual folk! An assortment of photos can help us understand your style, vision and goals. Cut out images from magazines, draw pictures and bookmark pages on websites like or Pinterest. You can even send us to check out a house you love in Tauranga! When your architect looks through your collection of images, themes will emerge, and we will start to see what stands out to you.

Jot down notes

Are there certain materials you love? Shapes? Lighting features? Whether you use long sentences or single words, writing notes can help us hone-in on your design dream. Having a notebook within arm’s reach is a good idea as inspiration can come to us at the strangest of times.

What don’t you like?

While knowing what design styles resonate with you is important, it’s equally useful for your architect to know what you dislike. Are there certain trends to sidestep, design elements to avoid? Knowing what you don’t like is an important piece of the puzzle, telling us what to steer clear of while also helping us better understand what you love.

Communicate with your architect

Part of our training in design architecture is knowing how to listen carefully to you, our client. Our Tauranga design architects love it when clients communicate what they are after – it’s your personality and style we’re trying to capture. In the early stages of design, everything is vague and fuzzy – we want to hear from you so we can flesh out your dreams and ultimately bring them to life.

Get to know each other

Designing a home is an intimate process and it pays for you and your architect to really get to know each other. Invite them over to your home, have dinner together, introduce them to your family. By seeing you in your natural element, your architect might notice things about your lifestyle, habits or personal style that are so obvious to you that you didn’t even think to mention them.

Planning a new build or renovation in Tauranga? Share your vision with the design architects at Powerhouse Architectural and we’ll get your project underway.