October 4, 2021

Coastal. Beachy. Seaside. As a design architecture firm working in Tauranga, we hear these terms from our clients all the time. Over the past couple decades, the idea of a coastal home has evolved from a utilitarian bach to a family home that is well-worn and well-loved all year long. If you want to build a beachy home in Tauranga, here are our top six design tips.

Emphasize ocean views

From Omokoroa to Papamoa, we’re blessed to live right next to a beautiful stretch of sand. If you’re lucky enough to have a view of the ocean, design your home to emphasize this! Point ranch sliders or big bay windows towards the sea. Keep décor minimal and neutral so you’re not competing with the view. Use natural materials that suit the surroundings. When you have a view of Mount Maunganui, the ocean or the harbour, you need little else to create a genuine coastal atmosphere.  

Breezy is beachy

Letting the breezy air into your home is a surefire way to remind your family and guests that you in a coastal city. Achieve this by installing windows and doors that will allow for a cross breeze and make sure there’s nothing that will interfere with your home’s natural ventilation, like obstructive awnings or windowless rooms.

Indoor-outdoor flow

Nothing screams barbeques by the beach more than excellent indoor-outdoor flow. Extend your living area with a deck straight out from your kitchen or living space and make moving inside and out seamless with sliding glass doors. Anything that encourages you to spend more time outside will enhance the coastal feel of your home, so consider landscaping and sandpits, outdoor kitchens and cosy reading nooks.

Consider the climate

It’s worth working with an architect who takes Tauranga’s coastal climate into consideration when designing your home. We are accustomed to warm summers, occasional frosts and strong winds – and our architectural designers build houses to suit. And of course, houses by the beach should be built of materials that can stand up to the salty sea air.  

Extra little touches

There are countless little ways you can enhance your home’s beachy feel, both inside and out. Include calming colour palettes for your walls and flooring; hang artwork on the wall that compliments sea; and bring nature inside with potted plants or a living green wall. Install an outdoor shower so you can wash sand off before entering the house and tell your architectural designer if you have a boat, kayak or jet ski that needs a secure resting place.

Work with an architect

Working with an architect to bring all these elements together in a natural way is your best bet to create a home that is functional, cosy and effortlessly beachy. Talk to Tauranga’s design architecture firm Powerhouse Architectural today about designing your coastal home.