August 3, 2021

If you’re getting an architect to design a new home in Tauranga, lighting should be high on your list of priorities. From pendants to lamps, windows to sconces, lighting contributes to both the functionality and the aesthetic of any home. Here are six noteworthy lighting tips from our talented architects.

Natural lighting is a must

There’s no lighting feature in the world that can match the power of the sun. And with plenty of sunshine hours and relatively mild winters, any architectural house in Tauranga should be designed to harness the sun.

Architects do this by carefully considering your home’s orientation on the land in relation to the sun’s location in the sky. Indoors, they pull in as much natural light as possible, through design techniques like appropriate window placement and skylights, walls of glass and bifold doors.

Brightening up your living space

A common complaint in older Tauranga homes is a lack of light in the living spaces. Creating bright living spaces in an architectural home is a balancing act of coupling sufficient natural light with effective ceiling lighting and additional light sources where needed. This could be beautiful hanging pendant over the dining table, a funky lamp in the corner of the lounge or stylish sconces.

Hidden light sources

Hidden lights can highlight a feature in your home, brighten a workspace and offer a cosy ambiance. As functional as they are stylish, and equal parts subtle and dramatic, they’re a favoured trick among many architects. Place hidden lights in the steps of a staircase of under the railing. Use backlit mirrors to brighten the bathroom. Improve the visibility of a closet, linen cupboard or kitchen pantry, and employ hidden lights to enhance your outdoor space by brightening up deck stairs or garden fences.  

Layering in each room

Whether you’re in the bathroom or a bedroom, the kitchen or the hallway, your lighting needs will be different, but there’s one common theme throughout your house: layering. Design architecture ensures that each room has a good balance of ambient lighting for mood, task lighting for functionality and accent lighting for style. When you properly layer all three, you have a house that is bright, practical and sophisticated.

Consider sustainability

Modern design architecture should always be looking for ways to improve sustainability – and lighting definitely fits this bill. Talk to your Tauranga architect about sourcing lighting products that are built to last so they won’t end up in landfills quickly, are energy-efficient and limit harmful chemicals.

Bespoke little lighting extras

Have you considered square recessed lights instead of the traditional round ones? Is there an unusual bedside lamp you inherited from your grandma? Can we find a bare bulb to suit the style of your bathroom? Design architecture is all about bespoke, and our architects are more than happy to find ways to insert your own personality into your home.

To make sure lighting is taken seriously in your future Tauranga home, talk to the team at Powerhouse Architectural.