September 3, 2021

If your business has secured a new workspace and you’re thinking about how to fit out the interior, working with a design architect can make all the difference. A lot goes into creating an office that is as beautiful as it is productive, as healthy as it is practical, a space that engages employees and impresses clients. Here’s how our Tauranga design architecture firm approaches the design of a new office space.


When you work with an architect, it’s obvious from the very first step. Before we begin the process, our design architecture firm always spends a great deal of time speaking about your vision. We want to know your goal for the space, then bring it to life by blending the perfect flooring and fixtures, colour schemes and feature walls, furniture placements and floor plans.

Our training, experience and eye for detail means that your office space will be a perfect balance of aesthetics and function. It will look impressive, suit your company’s brand, and won’t overlook the little touches that truly bring an office together.

Worker wellbeing

Our Tauranga architects know how important your staff’s wellbeing is to your company’s culture and productivity. We look at many elements of your office to create an environment that supports your staff, including:

• Offering quiet spaces for solo work

• Bringing people together effectively for collaborative work

• Having professional spaces for client visits

• Creating engaging areas to relax and unwind, such as on a patio or in the breakroom

• Focusing on an ergonomics.

By considering the team that will be working in your office, our design architecture specialists will create a varied, productive, and healthy workspace tailored to your staff.


Your employees need sufficient and appropriate lighting to work well and feel their best, which is why we put a huge emphasise on lighting. We want to maximise natural light and complement it with synthetic lighting that feels as natural as possible. We look at where the sunlight enters your building and design the space in accordance.

One eye on the future

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new office and spending time and money fitting it out, only to outgrow the space in a matter of years. Our architects are trained to look not only at the present, but consider the future, too. We will talk about your company’s past growth and future predictions to create a space that leaves room for additional desks and storage, foot traffic and break out spaces. That way, your office will look complete now, but will also be able to accommodate a growing team.

Design architecture is a powerful thing when it comes to fitting out a new office space. To get your best possible workplace, talk to the team at Tauranga’s Powerhouse Architectural today.